Oh Hi! Lab is a ceramic studio based in Northern Italy, founded in 2020. The label produces hand-made candle holders in different shapes and colors. The unique pieces are made with red enameled earthware, fired at low temperature.
Sofia Tieppo, the artist behind the label, fell in love with creating little sculptures, that can be used to illuminate empty rooms or to set tables and spark a light on cozy dinners with friends.

„I am obsessed with these shapes that are used to illuminate lonely rooms or set tables, where they can gather to eat and drink wine.”
– Sofia Tieppo

What‘s your name and where do you consider home?
I'm Sofia Tieppo and I live in Castelfranco, Italy.

What made you start doing pottery?
In July 2020 I attended a one day pottery workshop which was not inspiring at all. Despite this disappointing experience, I bought my own clay and started playing and experimenting. I found joy in working with clay. In September 2021 I attended another workshop where I learned all about handbuilding techniques and Raku firing.

These red wine glasses with a beautiful rosé stem come in a set of 2 and are perfect for your next dinner party.

What is the story behind your brand name?
Honestly, there is no story behind it. It came to my mind spontaneously, like a fleeting greeting!

A person who inspires you:

My friend and colleague Miriam, because she always thinks outside the box and has a unique inspiring mindset that looks at life through different lenses.

Favorite way to relax?
Definitely doing pottery.