Severj Studio is a ceramic label from Istanbul, birthed in 2017. The label produces ceramic and porcelain treasures and likes to experiment on the potters wheel, with clay forms, plaster and stains on a daily basis. Zeynep Severge, the talent behind the label, has the aim to create quality work that highlights the beauty of natural and hand made products.

„I am an anarchist and I had trouble fitting into the system.”
– Zeynep Severge

What‘s your name and where do you consider home?
My name is Zeynep Severge and I‘m from Istanbul, Turkey.

What made you start doing pottery?
I am an anarchist and I had a lot of trouble fitting into ‘the system’ and to work for something I do not believe in. I quit my job in advertising and slowly turned my hobby into a business and lifestyle.

How did you come up with your brand name?
My birth name is Zeynep Severge. A very common name in Turkey, so a friend of mine started calling me Severj for fun and at some point it became a thing among us. When I was allowed to make my first order for a small, local store, they wanted of course to know my brand name. I didn’t have one so I just told them “Severj” without overthinking it. At first I had doubts, but now it feels natural and fits me very well.

A person who inspires you?
Tauba Auerbach.

Where do you get your inspirations from?
By living this life. Everything I see, hear, touch and feel is inspiration to me.

Favorite way to relax?

Chilling at home with dimmed lights and music playing.

What‘s your favorite go to spot in your city?

Norm Coffee in the mornings. It's a local coffee shop owned by a friend and my studio terrace.