Studio Sediment x Clayeria

An espresso to wake up or after a delicious, filling lunch is an almost sacred ritual for many. For us, a good, solid espresso cup belongs in our interior repertoire just like a coffee machine that makes good, aromatic coffee. And of course, the cup must also be a little eye-catcher and be comfortable to hold.

About the collection

The espresso cups come in a powdery rose, combined with an earthy, intense terracotta. A fully coloured porcelain mass is used to make the espresso cups and the handle and cup are cast individually and finally manually assembled. The cups are light and pleasant to hold and available in two versions: with a rose body and terracotta handle and vice versa.

About the collaboration

When we were looking for a partner for the production of espresso cups, we immediately had Marcel from Studio Sediment in mind. Especially because of the unmistakable shape of his espresso and cappuccino cups with the geometric handles. Marcel spent many hours experimenting and working on mixing the most powdery pink and the most intense terracotta for us and we couldn't be happier with the result.