Pottery Painting Sessions & Events

Book a Pottery Painting Session in our studio in Zurich where you can create your own pieces of art. Further, join our first time ever Pottery Painting & Pilates Event on the 20th of January 2024!

  • Pottery Painting Session

    CHF 60.00

  • Pilates & Pottery Painting Event on 20th January 2024

    Sold Out

  • Meet our artists

    Studio Sediment is a Zurich-based ceramics studio producing hand-cast porcelain. Marcel has always had a great creative urge and desire to create beautiful and useful things.

    Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands Laura Liza loves making functional and sculptural objects from clay. They like the lack of control you have while working with clay.

    Zeynep Severge is based in Istanbul, Turkey. She has the aim to create quality work that highlights the beauty of natural and hand made products.

    Based in Northern Italy, Sofia Tieppo fell in love with creating little sculptures, that can be used to illuminate empty rooms or set tables.

    Clayeria Bag

    Introducing our powdery pink cotton bag with our signature tablescape illustration in terracotta comes in the perfect size to carry your essential knick-knacks wherever the day might take you. 

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    Let’s celebrate the enduring beauty of handcrafted artistry and shop our up to -40% reduced finds now!

    Additional goods

    Table Textiles
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    Arles Studio

    The whole table textiles collection by Arles Studio is inspired by the idea of setting a fine table and sharing a meal with friends and family. The napkins, placemats and tablecloths are dyed by hand and come in three creamy pastel colors - made out of 100% cotton.

  • On Sale
    Tablecloth - Light Blue

    CHF 89.00 Regular price CHF 160.00

  • On Sale
    Napkin Set - Salmon

    CHF 45.00 Regular price CHF 72.00

  • On Sale
    Placemat Set - Lilac

    CHF 55.00 Regular price CHF 90.00

  • Noosh Studio x Clayeria

    The Noosh Studio x Clayeria collection consists of two different candle styles, made out of 100% natural rapeseed way. The candles are hand-poured and refined manually in Bern and both styles are available in the three signature Clayeria colors: Lilac, Terracotta and Pink.

  • The Rylie Candle - Lilac

    CHF 28.00

  • The Ripple Candle - Terracotta

    CHF 25.00

  • The Rylie Candle - Pink

    CHF 28.00