Laura Liza is a ceramic designer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. After finishing a bachelors degree in illustration, they found their love for making functional and sculptural objects from clay. Every object and design is made with attention and admiration for the craft. Laura Liza likes to make the daily rituals more unique - within these fast times, ceramics call for tranquility and attention. In their studio space they make new ceramics on the wheel and by hand daily, a balance between the two techniques gives the pieces a unique look.

„I like the lack of control you have while working with clay, it challenges me!“ – Laura Liza

What‘s your name and where do you consider home?
My name is Laura Elizabeth Gabrielle Kleinhans and I‘m living in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Since when do you do pottery?
I started following courses during my art school time, then I got a side job in ceramic production and started doing more and more, it just naturally grew on me I guess.

What made you start doing pottery?
The whole process and the lack of control you have most of the time intrigued me, it challenges me!

How did you come up with your brand name?
It is my name with my second name (shortened) combined. I liked the sound of it and it felt personal.

Where do you get your inspirations from?
My biggest inspirations are my own needs. Since I make mostly functional pieces, I tend to design things that lack in my own surroundings. For example, I need a toiletpaper holder, why not make a funky one myself!

A person who inspires you:
My mother and grandmother, they showed me the way to a life filled with creation and ambition.

Favorite way to relax?
Going to the cinema or working out, two ways for me of getting out of my head.

Your favorite go to spot in your city?
My new home. I just moved there with close friends and we have a garden. We made it a dream spot.