The ALA vases are a limited edition designed by Zurich ceramicist Cristina Fagnani. The special feature of the vase are the organically shaped elements that resemble wings, which means "ALA" in Italian.

Whether equipped with beautiful flowers or without, this vase is definitely always an eye-catcher. The color combinations give the pieces a contrasting edge and a sculptural character. The vase comes with different shaped elements and in various color combinations. Of each model, only five pieces are produced and the whole series is numbered on the foot, making these ceramic beauties a rarity.

About the artist

Cristina Fagnani Ceramica is a one-woman ceramic label, based in Zurich, Switzerland. The studio produces wheel-thrown and hand-built pieces since 2016. Cristina Fagnani got in touch with ceramics for the first time during her preliminary studies at the Zurich University of the Arts. After visiting a two-month course at ‚La Meridiana International Ceramics School‘ in Tuscany, she decided to pursue this beautiful craft and have her own studio.